Solar is our passion. Are you looking for a Solar Installer for your project in Eagle or Summit counties? We believe the future of electricity is in integrating homes and buildings with renewable power. We believe in installing the best products at the best prices in the area. Our electricians carry out all work from the roof to the main services and because of that, our quality of work is unrivaled. 

Sunpak will take care of all design, engineering, permitting, and interconnection paperwork. We will work with you on a design to make sure you are 100% happy with our plans before commencing work. Our team of electricians will then carry out all work from the roof to the inverter and on. We carry out all types of solar installs from small residential to large commercial projects, with or without battery backups. If we don’t belive its a great fit for you and your home then we will be honest with you.

 If you’re still weighing up the idea of going solar check out this post from Energy Sage


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16kW System in Eagle CO, 40x 400w Q.Cell panels 2x SolarEdge inverters

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