Going Solar

Solar has come a long way over the years. These advances have now made solar an attractive option to offset your energy usage to renewable power. Twenty years ago, solar was only for enthusiasts with expendable cash flow. But today, it’s within reach for the average homeowner and lets you take control of how you use electricity. There are many great reasons to go solar.

Go green! This is the best reason to go solar in my opinion. Renewable power needs to be the future of our energy consumption. Future generations need us to make these changes today to ensure a healthy planet moving forward. Your home can be part of that solution.

Energy independence. Finite resources such as coal, gas and oil are becoming harder to procure and more expensive to use not to mention dirty. Energy independence for you means taking control. Utility power will never get cheaper. Every year the cost of electricity goes up. Going solar now means locking in your cost of electricity for the next 25 to 30 years. With a return on investment of 10-15, years we’re talking 10-15 years of paid for power. 

Our economy. Building a renewable future means bringing good jobs to our economy, from design to manufacturing to installation. Jobs created will fill that gap left from us getting away from fossil fuels.

Financial. As much as all these great reasons should be enough to go solar, many think it is out of reach due to cost. The reality is that today due to economies of scale and renewable incentives, if you can afford your electric bill you can afford to go solar. Not only that, but it will save you money in the end. We can show you how. 

Sean and I are passionate about what we’re doing and would love to help you achieve that same feeling of doing something good for the planet. We are fortunate to have a skill set that brings high quality workmanship and knowledge to your home. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We would be happy to talk solar with you.