What is Net Metering (NEM)?

Both Holy Cross Energy and Xcel Energy offer net metering as an incentive for installing solar, this is a great service that allows you to bank extra energy produced to use in the less productive months of winter. 

How it works- usually when you’re at full production in the afternoon your energy consumption is actually at its lowest so the extra energy produced is then exported into the electrical grid then when production is low or production stops is when energy consumption goes up, for example in the mornings and evenings. Your utility company monitors what you produce and what you consume and banks any extra as credits. In the slower winter months when production is typically lower and consumption is typically higher, because of heating etc, you start to use those credits up allowing you to average out over a years period. If you have extra credits left at the end of the year the utility will send you a check for the difference. Think of it like a battery. 

For more information check your utilities website at the links below

Holy Cross Energy


Xcel Energy

Renewable energy incentives